Getting Singapore to discover the Zenyum difference


Everyone wants a perfect smile. But most think they can’t afford it.
Zenyum, the newest smile cosmetics brand in Singapore wanted to democratise smiles forever, by proving that unlike other smile cosmetics brands out there, the Zenyum smile is affordable, convenient and accessible.


Presenting, Zenyum: Expert dentists by your side, anytime, anywhere.
We took Zenyum dentists to town, literally. With a 360 campaign that used film, OOH, social and more, we showed Singaporeans how easy it was to get their dream smile, anytime anywhere. As simple as buying groceries. As quick as doing laundry. And as convenient as taking the MRT from East to West.


Seeing peers and KOLs seek dentists in an accessible manner convinced Singaporeans that they too could get that grin they’d be proud to flaunt.

37M+ impressions
2X awareness
+67.7% above the web traffic target
+96.2% organic search queries in Q4’21 VS Q3’21