Spotlighting fans’ love for creators


YouTube celebrates the bonds between creators and their fans each year around Valentine’s Day. In 2021, we built the #LoveNotes campaign, designed to spotlight genuine creator + fan love by sharing feel-good comments from real fans.


We brought #LoveNotes to life by designing dynamic DOOH placements seen from the streets of NYC, LA and London. In order to create an integrated, scalable experience across all touchpoints, we put together a creative toolkit for YouTube’s cross-functional teams to promote #LoveNotes via social, blog posts, and video channels for the duration of the campaign.


Sharing fans’ gushing comments in such highly visible placements had viewers tuning in for #LoveNotes on various YouTube channels and platforms. Much of this content was then reposted by top creators around the world, encouraging fans to continue sending love and positive vibes to their favorite creators.