Helping emerging creators make their mark on YouTube

Audience Snapshot + Context

For most of the 15M YouTube Creator recipients, the Month in Review newsletter is the only communication they receive from the platform each month and is an opportunity for YouTube to support and recognize their work and ongoing growth.

Every time we speak to Creators, our objective is to show them we’re paying attention: we know who they are, what they make, and what’s going on in their world. As such, we have 4 key pillars we develop our email comms around each month, ensuring we are: revelant, supportive, creative, and accessible.

In previous years, we sent out email comms that were more editorial-based and verbose, with less personalized data. This year, we found that each tweak we made towards personal customization, brevity, and actionable CTAs returned positive engagement.

Pillar 1 : Relevance

  • Our comms speak to our core audience first: aspiring and emerging YouTube creators who are looking to grow on the platform

  • We aim to resonate with each creator as an individual, delivering personalized data and insights whenever possible

  • Noteworthy creators from the recipient's region are featured each month to highlight relevant local culture and trends


Pillar 2 : Support

  • Each month we acknowledge and celebrate the creators' individual successes as they grow on the platform

  • Monthly product launch spotlights educate creators on ways to monetize their channel and build community


Pillar 3 : Creativity

  • We strive for a vibrant new look each month while adhering to YouTube visual brand standards

  • Including links to contemporary cultural happenings on the platform


Pillar 4 : Accessibility

  • Everything we do needs to pass WCAG accessibility standards

  • Optimizing visuals for 'light mode' as well as 'dark mode' audiences

  • Ensuring our comms are responsive and work well on both desktop and mobile platforms



From January-June, the Youtube Creators Month in Review newsletter campaign achieved:

  • 15M avg total sends/month
  • 32% avg open rate
  • +33% in CTOR (from 9%-12%)
  • +33% CTR (from 3%-4%)
  • 10M+ avg unique social share impressions/month
  • 84% overall global satisfaction rate

See a collection of sample monthly emails below: