YouTube Creators Gaming


The YouTube APAC team came to us with an ambition to inspire more gaming creators to maximise their use of the platform. How? By creating a dedicated webpage exclusively for gaming creators. Our challenge was to help them develop a distinctive and engaging gaming aesthetic that could be used for the web page and adapted for promotional marketing content on Instagram, localised for multiple markets.


Our team created a design aesthetic that leans into the theme of ‘leveling up’, utilising playful cues from the gaming world, including a vibrant neon colour palette that feels distinctive from competitors. We carefully observed the design language that the YouTube team already uses with the gaming creator community, ensuring that our recommendations felt like an extension of this.


We were delighted to see that the new webpage resulted in a massive boost to overall site traffic – an increase of 31%. We also saw an average dwell time of 6 minutes for the newly launched page, proving that tailored content with a relatable visual identity really drives engagement.