Unlocking the ultimate Android experience


Google wanted to showcase the Android-powered Samsung Z Flip5 phone’s new features. By doing this, they wanted to elevate phone purchases among their target audience (Millennial and Gen Z premium phone users), without alienating either demographic.


We wanted to hero the features of the foldable Z Flip5 in everyday moments across users’ lives, no matter how varied their lifestyles or life choices are. Knowing a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t resonate with our Gen Z and Millennial audiences, we reimagined the constant at-odds attitude between the two demographics as playful banter, using well known personalities in Bollywood.


Our three-film campaign gave users an insight into Android’s versatility, and how it ushers in the might of Google tech in everyday moments. Each film, focusing on a specific feature - Assistant, YouTube Shorts, and Lens - allowed users to dive into Android’s world on Samsung in an impactful way, with popular influencers driving shareability.