The Legends Family Adventure for Google

To stay safer online children need help in making smart decisions. Be Internet Legends empowers families to use the web more safely and wisely, so they can be more confident explorers of the online world.

The Challenge

With the amount of time spent online increasing during the coronavirus pandemic, an opportunity arose to teach families more about online safety. We were tasked with bringing the magic of in-person Be Internet Legends assemblies delivered by Google and Parent Zone in schools into the hearts and homes of UK families through bite-sized, easy-to-access and interactive content that would help inspire families to want to become Internet Legends - more confident explorers of the online world.

Our Solution

The Legends Code outlines five pillars of online safety. Our creative team in London explored a range of approaches to communicate these in a new and engaging way. We understood that gaining the attention of families would be a tough challenge, requiring something really special.

After a thorough strategic exercise and some fun creative sessions, we arrived at the idea to bring the key messages to life through an entertaining animated mini series appealing to families. Our writers worked closely with Google and Parent Zone to craft a fun and engaging story capable of landing the key online safety takeaways for our audience. The Legends Family Adventure was born.

The story follows the Legends Family as they go on an adventure in a captivating “Interland” (based on Google’s online safety game) where they meet heroes, and defeat villains including Cyberbully, Phisher, Oversharer and Hacker, all the time unlocking the secrets of the Legends Code.


Our ambition to bring the story to life through the highest production values matched Google’s. We were fortunate to find right partner in Aardman Animations (the studio responsible for Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep) to collaborate on something truly special.

We worked closely with Google and Aardman to produce the series, seeing it through to final completion.

Each interactive episode includes key online safety messages brought to life in bespoke activities, to help families learn together whilst working through the story. The end result realising the vision to produce a more positive, engaging and entertaining way of educating families around the importance of staying safe online.

Check the series out here.