Taking Google Ads to new heights with AR

The Challenge

Google wanted to help support SMBs (small to medium businesses) by giving them the tools they need to build better-performing Google Ads. Google wanted our help to improve readiness, increase awareness of the tools available and amplify engagement.

The Approach

Toaster designed and produced an engaging and exciting direct mailer, hosting an augmented reality experience and website were the solutions to this particular challenge. The experience depicts the building of a rocket, where each element links to the steps needed before ads can be launched.

This created awareness around tools by pushing this direct mailer to the limit incorporating the element of technology, ultimately ensuring that SMBs feel; equipped with knowledge, supported and enabled to take their ads further.

The Results

UK and France were the countries earmarked for roll out however once the global team had seen what we created, they decided to roll it out in additional countries, starting with the US.