Sparking a Shorts trend with LOLs


As YouTube breaks into the world of short-form content, they’ve yet to stand out and resonate with the new wave of digital-native creators. So, Toaster saw an opportunity to bridge the gap.


By digging into insights, we discovered that Gen Z has a more casual approach to creating content and builds community around their unique sense of humor. Using National Joke Day as inspiration, the #MyBloopers Shorts campaign would ignite a spontaneous trend, inviting creators to share their gag reels, outtakes, and funny fails with the world on Shorts.

To better resonate with Gen Z, we collaborated with global influencers to share their unpolished content and bring the campaign to life across curated playlists, a landing page, email comms, and in-product notifications.

YT shorts image 01


With a CTR of 5.41%, our campaign exceeded benchmarks by 5x and effectively engaged Creators globally. Cross-promotion on the YouTube Creators channel grabbed the attention of industry publications, boosting the campaign’s visibility even further – encouraging the creation of 60k+ Shorts and 220K+ unique landing page visits within the first week of launch.

YT shorts image 02