Shining a light on a crisis within a crisis - with Search

Helping people overcome the stigma of mental health during the pandemic


During lockdown, Google Search data showed that people were searching for ways to help others but few were asking for help on their own mental health. ‘I need help’ are the three hardest words to say out loud and the stigma existed even on Google Search.


Google wanted to break the cycle and started looking for solutions: how can we create a safe space and make mental health help accessible across regions?

By working together with psychologists, a toolkit of self-care skills were put together on When a Covid-19 related query was typed, there was extra support in the results.

We then created a brand video using real footage of people and influencers to remind people to take care of themselves like they take care of others. The creative was localised across Asian regions to inspire millions on how to search for self-care in every language and region.


Search trends showed people searching for self-care
and the campaign got hope and support to 186M people
as #BeKindToYourMind started trending, one courageous query at a time.

Localization drove a 2-5% uplift in brand metrics.

Watch the case study video below

Watch the hero video below