The heart of your smart home


The brief was to launch Samsung’s most advanced premium smart fridge via a conversion driven campaign.

82% Singaporeans who look for premium products are driven by aesthetics.
We had to win them over with a ‘tech driven’ product.


Our predictive data modelling showed that it took 21 days for an average Singaporean consumer to complete a decision journey for a premium smart fridge.

Hence our strategy was to inspire our audience with Samsung’s core tech excellence and convince them with the high aesthetic value of the product via carefully crafted 21 day engagement plan.


We created a data driven campaign with a 3 tiered performance funnel Inspire - Convince - Convert which nudged our audience into selecting Samsung as their favourite choice across their 21 day decision journey and featuring over 25+ bespoke creative work across the audience journey.


Media analytics showed us that our digital creative optimization delivered an engagement rate which was 62% higher than the category. Samsung shattered its sales KPIs within 3 months of the campaign despite the market slowing down drastically due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

By the end of the campaign period, the campaign sales KPI was shattered by a mind blowing 125%!

Watch the hero video below