Revitalising Matrix42: Transforming a Tech Brand for Impactful Growth and Global Reach


Matrix42 is a German-based business that offers digital workspace solutions to companies, aiding them in managing their IT infrastructure and assets.

Despite its aspirations for further expansion, the existing Matrix42 brand struggles to distinguish itself in a competitive B2B arena. Additionally, its website has been unable to effectively generate leads or convert potential customers. The absence of a compelling online platform that clearly communicates the product offering hampers Matrix42's marketing efforts, depriving them of harnessing the website to nurture leads.

In response, Matrix42 enlisted Toaster to deliver a brand overhaul, introducing a new look and feel, along with a revamped web experience tailored to key markets, encompassing Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and North America.


First, we developed a distinctive visual brand identity and tone of voice for Matrix42 that steps away from the category norm of heavy jargon and product-focussed language. We collaborated closely with our client stakeholders to establish who Matrix42 is, what they offer and why they’re different. We delivered the new identity as a toolkit that client teams could easily implement across a range of touch points, including the creation of icons, hero illustrations and photography guidelines.

Next, we infused the brand identity into a new web experience – our clients were keen to launch quickly so we took an MVP approach, focussing only on pages and user journeys that positively impact on lead generation and conversion.

We transformed the website from an product-centric experience into a user-centric one. The new site tells a narrative of how Matrix42 solves a range of enterprise-level problems (not just IT ones), spanning different industries. We made sure there was a clear link between the problems our customers face and the solutions that Matrix42 provides, all while making it effortless to request a trial or contact the sales team.

In doing so, we gave sales and marketing teams an engaging and informative online destination to drive their leads to, converting them into long-term customers. The website, completed end-to-end with collaboration between our Strategy, Creative, UX/UI and in-house Tech teams, was positioned as the client’s ‘new engine’ driving conversion at scale.