Real-time data-driven creative campaigns from Toaster


Personalised, dynamic creative can deliver truly rewarding, emotional connections for audiences and effective results for our clients. However, creating customised comms is typically an expensive and time consuming task, sometimes requiring thousands of variants across multiple touch points to deliver the effectiveness needed.


We built our own in-house app from scratch that creates customised comms at scale. With the ability to generate thousands of unique asset variations (videos, GIFs, banners) from a single piece of HTML code, it allows brands to quickly and easily produce a variety of ad formats and graphics, ready to embed and localise across a range of touch points - from YouTube to Instagram, display banners to Digital OOH. The tech is platform agnostic and works across all networks.

Our in-house tech can generate assets for real-time publishing, which means our clients can tailor their creative to be reactive and hyper-relevant to what’s happening in the daily lives of their audience.


Hugely effective campaigns:

Google Search Football spoke to football fans by reacting to real-time match results, whilst also generating assets that matched the colours of individual football jerseys.

Google Maps Two Wheeler personalised creative based on audience location, weather, traffic, and time of day, with Google Maps experiencing a 7% spike in daily active use.

Recognition for Google Maps Two Wheeler:

Smarties ID Awards
Best in Show - Overall Show
Gold - Brand Awareness
Silver - Cross Mobile Integration
Silver - Programmatic
Silver - Location based services or Targeting

Smarties APAC Awards
Gold - Programmatic

Citra Pariwara
Gold - Best use of digital media

Effie Awards APAC
Bronze - Data Driven

Toaster's Ad tech is platform agnostic and works across all networks.