Making Pringles pop with personalisation

The Challenge

Get Korean families to re-engage and fall back in love with the Pringles brand and get them to buy more.

Brand love in Korea was declining with Pringles being perceived as a brand of the past, and to get Korean families and young people to re-engage and fall back in love with Pringles was an uphill task.
We needed to influence brand love and also on-ground sales at the retail level. We also had the challenge of giving our effort scale to influence our audience across Korea.

The Approach

To win back love, make everyone a part of the most iconic thing about Pringles - The Pringles Can feat. Mr. Pringles. Fans got a chance to become Mr. Pringles themselves on their very own personalised cans.

Designing a personalised experience around Mr. Pringle

To get more people involved and encourage more snacking across the country, we created a web app that invited Koreans to star as the face on the most iconic thing about Pringles - the Pringles can and the mustachio-ed Mr. Pringles. With a cutting-edge web app that worked across social (kakao and browsers like naver), we were built for performance and scale.

Our frequency based personalised reward drove purchases at retail:

Users had to buy 6 cans and send the receipt to the Pringles Kakao account to receive a URL and unlock the personalised experience.

The Personalisation based web app made people become Mr. Pringles:

We designed a computer vision/AI-based face-tracking app with seamless image uploading and photo quality verification to ensure we got the best shots of people.

The app visualised how users’ faces looked with the inimitable style of Mr. Pringles. What’s more, users could personalise further with photorealistic styling elements, while balancing out the tone with the Korean street fashion inspired graphical overlays.

Bringing the personalised Pringle can to life:

The fan photos were then put through an innovative printing process to ensure high quality Pringles cans could be printed and shipped to delight the users.

Results: Fans joined in, and the Korean social media took notice

Overall, the campaign drove in-store purchases and fan delight, as more and more fans caught on and took part. As of mid-review, participation is 3X higher when compared to other Pringle’s campaigns in the past. In terms of engagement on #MyPringles, there were over 10,000 direct messages to fans who wanted to be included in the Pringles challenge.

On the popular Korean social media network KR SNS, the campaign also went viral, further driving traffic, awareness, and uploads.

Client View

“It was good to work with Toaster as one team. I know the project was not easy, at first we had lots of issues to handle and solve to bring this to life. Thanks to your team’s effort, finally we made it and launched the campaign”.

By adding personalisation in a simple way, we introduced a new layer to the iconic packaging, drove purchase and also won back love for the brand.