Making Pringles pop with personalisation


With declining brand affinity and sales, Pringles was perceived as a brand of the past in Korea. We needed to find a way to get Korean families and young people to re-engage and fall back in love with Pringles.


To whet appetites and encourage more snacking occasions, we made a web app that allowed Koreans to finally claim their rightful place as snacking sensations – starring in their very own Pringles stack with a personalised message that they can then send to a friend, or themselves!

  1. Users had to buy 6 cans and send the receipt to the Pringles Kakao account to receive a URL and unlock the personalised experience.
  2. The app visualised how users’ faces looked with the inimitable style of Mr. Pringles. What’s more, users could personalise further with photorealistic styling elements, while balancing out the tone with the Korean street fashion inspired graphical overlays.
  3. The fan photos were then put through an innovative printing process to ensure high quality Pringles cans could be printed and shipped to delight the users.


By allowing fans to give the most iconic can a facelift, the brand recieved a sales lift.

  • 1,300+ unique cans
  • +6.2% sales lift
  • 150M+ views