Powering the ultimate eating out experience with humour for Swiggy Dineout's flagship festival


Swiggy Dineout wanted to develop a strong association for Swiggy with dining out (and not just ordering in). The intent was to build consideration during its flagship dining festival, by landing the proposition of bigger savings effectively.


Through our creative approach, we played up a ‘new social validation’ of using ‘Swiggy Dineout’ before stepping out as the right way to eat out.

Built on the timeless insight and Indian parental practice of comparing their children, no matter how old they become, with the ‘model’ children of their peers. Pairing this with conversation around food in India (which is also always ripe with comparison), landed us at the concept of ‘Sharma Ji Ki Beti’.

We developed digital films that anchored the campaign along with OOH & print built scale and urgency across the country.