Inspiring women in India to #SearchForChange


Google, the world’s biggest search engine brand, has always been committed to the cause of women’s empowerment. They championed this cause with their Internet Saathi program, which has imparted digital literacy to 20 million women across 200,000 villages in rural India. Along with Women Will, their skilling platform, that is supporting 1 million women entrepreneurs in India to pursue their ambitions and earn a livelihood.

Google has been establishing the power of voice with the "Bolne se sab hoga" campaign for a year now.

This International Women’s Day (8 March, 2022) Google wanted to use the same platform to highlight issues faced by women in different fields and also suggest ways to overcome them.

The Insight

Whenever women ask questions, they are given advice.
Not answers.

This regressive voice of society (with its taunts, jeers, overbearing advice, discouragement) and the lack of access to information are two important barriers holding women back.

The Campaign Idea

Call out societal voices and biases against women.

Encourage them to #SearchForChange to show how access to information can make the biggest difference.

Identify & bring to the forefront relevant stories of women can be looked up to as role models.

For this we identified women from the smallest villages to metro cities who have challenged the status quo. We also roped in female icons like Sushmita Sen, Vidya Balan, Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandhana & Bani J to share their personal stories to inspire women all across the nation.

Copy Translated:

  • Sushmita Sen: Single Mother
    How can you adopt a child without marrying?
  • Mamta Gujjar: Footballer
    If you go for football coaching with boys, what will people think?
  • Mithali Raj: Indian Cricket Team Captain
    As if you'll break world records by joining cricket coaching

Rollout Plan

A hard-hitting pan-India OOH campaign which puts the spotlight on issues faced by women.

The campaign was divided into two parts:

  1. Teasers where we highlighted the voice of society
  2. Reveal where our role models x Google combined to enable and empower women to have their say