Helping people overcome vaccine misinformation through honest, real reviews


In Indonesia, the Covid-19 vaccine spread hope, but also misinformation. People had fears about trying something unknown. Even access to verified information didn’t help vaccine hesitancy much.


Millions use Google Search to see reviews when they are in doubt about what to buy or more. And now reviews would help people overcome vaccine doubts. Reviews of Hope, a Google Search campaign that took on Covid-19 vaccine misinformation by using trending fears and mapping them abasing honest, real reviews: contextually served across media, so the right people got the right message at the right time.


As data revealed fears, we continued to create more reviews and it moved Indonesians to get vaccinated in large numbers. Google Search data saw a shift, with a reduction in misinformation and an increase in positive perception about vaccination by 8.6%. Vaccination rates in Indonesia saw a dramatic increase during the campaign's duration. And with a campaign reach of 260M across 4 months of Digital & TV broadcasting, the effort also led to a lift-up in brand trustworthiness with a 5% average increase across Indonesia.