Helping Indian gamers level up


86% of Google Play’s user base in India consists of gamers. Google Play was launching Google Play Points – a rewards program which enables gamers to earn points that are redeemable across in-game and in-app purchases. Our task was to educate the gamers about the features of this program – through a fun, catchy and relatable campaign.


We knew conventional creatives with a functional approach would not cut ice with gamers. To engage them we created video assets using gameplay from the most popular games of the day and slick UI animations to showcase the user journey in an exciting way. We also created a peppy, energetic rap song which gave them all the details of the program in a fun way (insight behind this was that gamers listened to music extensively while playing so this was a good way to impart information). To make the campaign truly versatile we recorded the song in multiple Indian languages using a wide spectrum of enigmatic popular and up-and-coming regional rappers.


An exciting product-first campaign with a hyperlocal focus for regional customisation, targeting a niche audience. Various cutdowns for a plethora of platforms. Key film has over 256k views on YouTube (and counting).