Turning media into games, viewers into players & social media into their playground


Free Fire was facing a dip in daily active users and needed to hype up the hottest event of the year- Winterlands. But how do we engage with gamers who hate watching ads and hate being taken away from the game they love?
We needed something more than a regular marketing campaign to reignite the love for Free Fire.


Free Fire joined forces with Google Play to hype their limited time event, Winterlands. To reignite player interest, we turned every piece of content about the game into a game, creating an integrated social media scavenger hunt for hidden codes with exclusive prizes. Teaming up with gaming influencers like Dyland Pros, Jess No Limit, and Zbingz, the event broke industry benchmarks and became the hottest event of the year, bringing players back to Winterlands.


Our innovative approach reinvigorated player interest, reigniting the passion for the Winterlands event. Our campaign successfully boosted engagement, making it the hottest event of the year and bringing players back to Free Fire like never before. We saw:

  • 2.3Bn Impressions
  • 500K Dormant Players Activated
  • 500K Clicks on Game
  • 250K New Downloads
  • 30K Winners