Simplifying payments for a nation of billions

The Challenge

In 2018, Tez was absorbed into the Google brand and Toaster was asked to work on its rebranding as Google Pay. Our focus was to create a visual communication that would be global in scope and would perform in a media-agnostic landscape, yet stay true to its origin as a payments app for India.

Our Approach

As Tez became Google Pay, Toaster was aware of the fine balancing act the task of rebranding required. Our approached was informed by the nuances of the Indian user base and the values of Google’s brand. We set about crafting a visual language that would be accessible as well as unique across all channels of communication. Ultimately, we created an integrated art style that could be adapted to popular and more contextualised media collaterals.


We successfully managed to transform the visual communication and adapt it, without losing the essence of the Google brand and its values.

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