Helping football fans not lose sleep over late-night matches


While many in Thailand use Google to search for answers they need, very few used the search engine to look for football related information. We wanted to show Thais that Google search was the easiest way to get in-depth, real-time football information anytime.


Due to being in a different time zone, most international matches happen late at night in Thailand. We used this opportunity to recreate late-night football matches as daily Instagram stories so fans do not lose sleep over them. We used game data from Google search - scores, goals, penalty, fouls, and schedule - and recapped complete matches on Instagram. Fans could dive deeper and unlock game insights by simply swiping up to open Google search.


By using Instagram to bring football fans to the Google Search bar, we scored over: 1.3 million Daily Active Users and a +4% increase in usage intent for the Football OneBox feature. The campaign also won Crystal for Social on AdStars 2020 and featured on Best Ads as Best of Interactive.