Unifying a multidisciplinary team with branding

Experience Studio is a team at Google that designs and builds high-end physical spaces to personify Google in the real world and showcase Google technology to prospective business clients.


Our clients needed help refining their brand purpose and crafting a new identity to unify the mixed bag of experience design / facility operations / engineering services they offered. They also sought to overcome internal perceptions of extravagance and disorganization.


With a series of strategic interviews and in-person workshops, Toaster guided the international team of stakeholders through a comprehensive brand exploration across multiple touchpoints. We discussed everything from abstract brand associations and core values to more tangible things like color, typography, illustration and photographic style.

Workshop images

As an evolution of the workshop conversations, our design team then had a great jumping-off point to propose an array of conceptual ideas for bringing the new brand to life.


Once a final concept was selected, our team refined the identity and delivered it along with flexible brand guidelines which included a thoughtful new narrative, logo lockups, animations, color palette, patterns, and rules for application.