Google Careers Website

Google enlisted us to help them attract the best and brightest talent from across the world. Improving on their current /Careers platform, we were asked to create a progressive and engaging website to reflect life at Google and position the brand as an innovator and front-runner in the tech world.

Working in collaboration with Google marketing, legal and people teams, we began by taking a holistic look at the Careers portal as a whole; what it does and doesn’t do, and what it could become. We then developed an editorial content strategy offering curious minds and potential applicants a window into the world of Google, using relevant stories from the people that live and breathe it every day - Googlers. Next, we undertook a huge photoshoot across Google Campuses in Mountain View and San Francisco to ensure /Careers presented an authentic reflection of Google life. Then finally, to house all the content, we went on to redesign not only the website’s look, but the core experience too, reimagining its UX and IA.

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