#GetTheFacts with Google Search


The pandemic and lockdown brought with it widespread misinformation. One of the many effects was creating vaccine hesitancy. In a country as big and dense as India, the importance of vaccination to achieve herd immunity remains scientifically unchallenged.


Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information. With the onset of COVID-19 and the vaccine roll out in India, Google Search as a product had been configured to provide validated and credible information regarding vaccines as results for Search queries. What Google now wanted to do was communicate to users that Search was the right place to look for credible answers.

We leveraged the insight that people harboured doubts and questions that they considered silly or small, and therefore didn’t ask anyone, for fear of judgement. The behaviour change we were looking to create was to have users ask any and every question around the vaccine; because every question counts. The strategic space: “There are no Stupid Questions”


We created a fully integrated campaign which included a 60 second film in multiple Indian languages, aired across television and digital platforms, as well as shorter edits for other digital mediums.

As Search queries changed in real-time, our campaign also took a real-time approach, as we updated and disseminated creatives to reflect top questions and search queries over weeks and months.

This campaign was planned and executed during the lockdown - all campaign creatives and collaterals were made in-house at Toaster, as we worked remotely across the country.