Empowering beauty: transforming conventional beauty standards for Myntra


Myntra wanted to strengthen its positioning as the ultimate premium and luxury beauty destination in India.


Our campaign challenged the conventional norms of beauty category advertising, offering a fresh perspective through unique, musical films. We emphasised the significance of personal choice amidst ever-changing trends.

Our approach included category films focusing on skincare and makeup, engaging reels, and a compelling brand key visual. By showcasing individuality and self-expression, we aimed to inspire audiences to embrace what resonates with them personally.

Through vibrant storytelling and dynamic visuals, we encouraged viewers to break free from the constraints of societal expectations and embrace their own definition of beauty. Achieved through a mix of category films for Skin Care and Makeup, Reels, and a brand key visual.


Following our campaign launch, Myntra saw:

  1. Growth in Daily Active Users by 21%.
  2. Healthy growth in PDP (Product display page) & List Counts by 12% and 19% respectively.