Rewriting brand DNA for a life-saving biotech firm


EcoR1 Capital, a leading biotech-focused investment advisory firm, felt their outdated branding and website no longer reflected who they were or what they stood for. They asked for Toaster’s help with a rebrand and a refreshed website.


After a 2-week strategy sprint including team interviews, category research, and a competitive audit – we worked with EcoR1’s leadership to define the firm’s purpose, value proposition, and key differentiators.

We then kicked off the creative phase with an immersive brand identity workshop for key stakeholders, asking them ‘WHO WE ARE’ and ‘WHO WE ARE NOT’ in areas like color, typography, photography, environments, illustration, style, and values. Building off these learnings, our team explored new visual identities and brand narratives through the website design. We delivered multiple iterations of the site concepts - including overall look & feel, UX, content strategy, animations, and copy.


We ultimately landed on a refreshed brand identity and key messaging that reflects the unique culture, values, and proposition of EcoR1. We also designed and developed the new site in Webflow which allowed us to hand off future maintenance and content updates to the EcoR1 team – ensuring our clients were in complete control of their new digs.