Creating more Internet Awesome superheroes


With year-round programmes and events promoting healthy digital habits, Google successfully hit their previous milestone of training 50,000 kids & parents in Singapore. At their upcoming Safer with Google SG event, they looked to renew their commitment - aiming to train 100,000 kids & parents by 2024, while reaching out to more KOLs & parents in the country.


Kids explore the boundless online world to find answers to their never-ending questions – that’s full of possibilities and perils too.
But with the skills they learn from Google’s Be Internet Awesome platform, they turn from explorers into confident superheroes that can easily protect their secrets and thwart threats.

We showcased this by creating a compelling suite of comms for the event. Kicking off with a fun & inspiring film that starred a Singaporean kid who’d been through Google’s Be Internet Awesome program – and used his powers to create & promote an internet that’s awesome for everyone.

We added to the experience by creating an exciting animated countdown timer, a moving image backdrop for the key photo moment, as well as custom theme music for the intros to each section of the event.