Creating a safe and exciting web where young people can thrive

YouTube, ISD and ParentZone’s hugely successful Be Internet Citizens programme is designed to teach teenagers about media literacy, critical thinking and digital citizenship, with the aim of encouraging young people to have a positive voice online.


Toaster previously worked on the first iteration of the programme and in 2022, YouTube launched Refresh, a similar programme for the next age group.

This time we were asked to redesign and refresh the identity and touchpoints with a new look and feel and create new workshop materials to engage young people into this awesome initiative.


We crafted a refreshed visual identity to take the program boldly into the future and create engaging materials for the many young people benefitting from the programme.

Our design team then used the fresh new art direction and illustration style to bring the website to life. We also produced many supporting deliverables including workshop collateral, community toolkits, teacher toolkits and branded presentation documents.

BIC - closing image