Clear: Brave the Heat


Clear wanted to launch its summer variant in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam and our aim was to create a campaign that not only drives sales but also increases brand relevance.

Watch the case study video below

A data-driven approach

Shampoo ads often show unrealistic portrayals of perfection. But we are not perfect - especially when it’s hot! To reflect how users actually feel, we launched ‘Brave the Heat’ a data-driven campaign that features weather and temperature reactive ads driven by real-time Met and location data.

So whether it was hot, humid, dry or when the mercury rose above 30°C – users saw ads with a message that spoke to them about how they were feeling in real-time.

The multi-market campaign showed everyone how Clear Ice Cool Menthol shampoo helps keep a clear head through the day.

Watch the ad below


The campaign made 162 million impressions in just three months, hitting a 113.8% higher view through rate than the original KPI and delivering 3X more conversions than the original KPI.

It was also selected by BestAdS as one of the Top 6 interactive advertising campaigns for March 2020.