Celebrating the season of making new connections


Tinder wanted to reiterate its position as a fun, social space for genuine connections, with a brand film that showcased the joys of dating while addressing the idea of feeling overwhelmed and flipping the narrative.


With NATO (Not Attached to an Outcome) securing the #2 spot in Tinder’s 2023 Year in Swipe Report, we wanted our brand film to take the pressure off of dating. By removing focus from finding “The One” or a “happily ever after”, we emphasised dating doesn’t need to have a final destination, but can instead unlock a world of possibilities - whether fleeting, platonic, romantic, or long term. Through the eyes of a powerful protagonist, we looked at dating with a female gaze, challenging dating stereotypes and showcasing how a world of diverse adventures and experiences await with every swipe on Tinder.


13.9 million views on YouTube and counting.