Encouraging travelers to experience Southern California with Air New Zealand


Dreaming of Southern California? Looking for a better way to fly? To celebrate the partnership of Air New Zealand and Visit California, Toaster was asked to create an integrated campaign that a) drove consideration of SoCal as a ‘dream’ destination, and b) positioned Air NZ’s Premium Economy offering as a ‘better’ way to fly there.

Our challenge was twofold. Firstly, we had to develop a campaign that stood out in a crowded travel advertising space. And secondly, craft a unified look and feel between the two brands, ensuring the creative wouldn’t be misattributed to another airline.


Working together with Air NZ and Visit Cali, we created a headline-driven campaign that brings the excitement of going away on holiday to life, while also inviting Premium Economy travellers to ‘SAY YAAAS’ to more unique experiences.

Underpinned by our joint brand line ‘DREAM BIGGER, FLY BETTER’, we built the campaign around three key micro-moments - dreaming, considering and booking - enabling us to convert consideration into purchase at every stage of the consumer journey.

Connecting experiences in SoCal with what you’ll find on board in Premium Economy, like fine wines and vintage vibes, we used reportage photography overlaid with bold typography and expressions of excitement to create a consistent narrative that’s unquestionably Air NZ and Visit Cali.