Exposing the link between diabetes and heart disease


Singapore is #2 in diabetes, yet, hardly anyone is aware that 1 in 2 heart attack victims is diabetic. Toaster’s challenge was to make diabetics sit up and start caring more about this unexpected health relationship.

Watch the case study video below


During Valentine’s Day social feeds are flooded with sappy proclamations of love. We turned this on its head by launching “Break up for your Sweetheart” - a chain of the biggest public breakups.

We worked with KOLs to create these breakups on social media - pledges to break up with their unhealthy habits, like their toxic relationship with bubble tea, sugar, fast food and more.

We also got two well-known charities, Diabetes Singapore and Singapore Heart Foundation, to partner together and come out about their secret health relationship.

UI/UX Redesign

The KOL followers were redirected to the campaign landing page where they were invited to make their own breakup pledges using an AR filter designed for Facebook.


The campaign resulted in 4X more users on the website.