Toaster APAC: 2023 Year in Review

As 2023 nears to a close, let's celebrate the accomplishments that our incredible team in Singapore achieved.

From making Google Play the preferred gaming platform and increasing share of wallets, to showcasing at Google events the transformative potential of AI in Indonesia, opening up up endless possibilities for people to thrive and grow, to educating the Indonesian public on manipulation techniques employed by various parties in the lead-up to a general election with our Prebunking Campaign, to making the internet a safer place with Internet Awesome Parents and not forgetting our content series on how AI in Samsung vacuums play a part in a cleaner home environment!

Being named by The One Show as the #1 Agency in Singapore, we can't wait for 2024 to usher in an even brighter year for us all.

Dorothy Yew | Managing Director, APAC

💫 Presenting, our 2023 highlights 💫

Protected your play with Google Play

Tasked to educate gamers about some of the real perils of online gaming, we illustrated 3 films that drew on real scenarios featuring top mobile game characters across Free Fire and Mobile Legends.

Empowered families to 'Be Internet Awesome'

In-line with Google’s commitment to train 100,000 kids and their parents on internet safety, we stepped in to develop a video to be shared at the Safer with Google event. This was used by KOFs to highlight Google’s continued efforts through to 2024, and featured a real kid from one of our partner schools.

Reminded voters to recheck before they’re misled

During election season, misinformation spreads like wildfire. We utilised a captivating game show format and collaborated with local celebrities and influencers to help Indonesians recognise the signs of common misinformation tactics, transforming a typically dry and tedious subject into an engaging experience.

Made AI helpful for everyone

As Indonesia stands on the cusp of a new era with AI, opening up endless opportunities for people to thrive and grow, we created a series of videos featuring powerful narratives to highlight exactly that for Google Indonesia.

Helped users 'jet it' with Samsung

Introducing our latest campaign to launch the premium range of Samsung Bespoke Jet™ AI Vacuum. From its smart AI Cleaning Mode to the 280W Suction Power, we developed content that showcased the standout features of the newly launched vacuum.

Raised Channel News Asia's social creds

How do we make one of Asia’s leading news outlets cut through the clutter? Develop 5 x manifesto style bite sized videos demonstrating CNA’s new social-first approach to delivering content.

Ranked #1 Agency in Singapore by The One Show

Incredibly proud to have been ranked the #1 Agency in Singapore by The One Show, with multiple awards won for recent campaigns - Project Relate for Google and Winterlands Code Hunt for Google Play. A great way to round up the year and a big thank you to our team and client partners!

A big thank you to our Toastees, clients and partners. See you in 2024!