Google Brand Hacks

Increasingly, brands want to be at the forefront of new and innovative technologies, staying ahead and relevant to ever changing consumer needs. Proofs of concept get ideas to market quicker, and hackathons are being adopted as a means to achieving this.

Whilst sometimes simple in their approach, brand hacks rely heavily on collaboration in what can be intense and fast paced environments. Experts from various fields, brand managers and product specialists must all combine their knowledge and expertise within short spaces of time to not only answer a brief, but do it effectively.

Only high quality and interesting outputs ever make it into production - which can be a challenge even on regular project timelines.

Google Brand Hacks

Leveraging our knowledge and expertise in cutting edge and innovative technology, Google appointed Toaster as their lead creative and production agency on a programme of workshops known as ‘Brand Hacks’.

Brand Hacks aim to educate and introduce innovative technologies to brands across South East Asia, with a focus on Google products and media capabilities.

1. Workshop

Brands and their agencies are invited to Google’s offices in SEA to tackle a brief over a single day workshop, looking at strategy, insights, the challenges and existing smart technologies, with the ultimate aim of creatively developing a campaign concept and prototype idea - all under the supervision of Toaster to assist them along the way.

2. Ideation

After some refinement and discussion amongst the group, a final concept is agreed. As their day ends, London’s day begins. The Toaster team is challenged to refine the concept further, designing a series of visuals to tell the story, and produce a working prototype - all within a day while SEA sleeps.

3. Design and/or development

Ideas could be anything from interactive DOOH synchronised with user’s mobiles, live stream broadcasts via microsites and mastheads, to Google Cardboard VR gaming experiences. Until the workshop is complete, there’s no telling what the brief could be.

4. Prototype

The final pitch deck presented back brings the concept and prototype together into an easily understandable story, leading the brand through the consumer journey and what is possible. Seeing is believing, so the prototype will always showcase the core functionality of the technology that is integral to the idea. These create a platform for the brands to progress these ideas into production, made possible by Toaster.

Future of Brand Hacks

Brand Hacks continue to form a staple part of Google’s initiatives in SEA, bringing technology, media and creative together to create work that inspires brands to reach further, connecting to people in new and interesting ways never seen before in a developing region.

With each hack completed, Toaster proves that a concept does not have to take weeks, or even days, to provide a brand with a clear direction and idea of what is possible in an ever changing industry.

From workshop to prototype, we’re always up for new challenges, and actively encourage brands to try brand hacks as a new way to tackle briefs. Contact us for an introduction!