Spreading Hope: The creative response to Covid-19

Mark Titchner: Please believe these days will pass

While we may be physically apart - people are pulling together like never before. All around the world people are sharing messages and acts of kindness, unity and love.

Historically, a time of crisis comes alongside a surge of innovation, creativity and resilience. This time is no different.

Art is playing a central role in bringing hope and inspiration to the masses. During the COVID-19 epidemic - Art is everywhere.

Whether it’s a new piece from your favourite artist, a mural spray painted on a wall, an ad from a brand with a complete change of direction, or a rainbow in a window you pass.

We wanted to pay homage to some of the beautiful, powerful work being created, so we asked our Toaster family to share their favourite pieces of art direction they’ve seen since the Covid-19 outbreak started.

We hope you’ll feel inspired - take a look at some of them below.