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Welcome to 5x5 - ft. the raddest, most inspiring tech wonders we've found across the web. Whether you're deep into the tech world or just casually curious, there's something here to light up your neurons. 🤖💡

The tech airwaves have been crackling with spirited debates and collective cheers through March. We rejoiced as Apple decided not to drop support for PWAs in iOS, +1 for the open web. We welcomed Interaction to Next Paint as the new shiny Core Web Vital, bidding adieu to First Input Delay. On the design front, we ventured into the vibrant world of accessibility, uncovering valuable insights with designing for color blindness.

There were also discussions on multilingual podcasts with Wondercraft.ai, effortlessly spinning up dev environments with Daytona.io, and marveling at the speed of WinterJS 1.0. Plus, NeuroPrompts, an idea that smartly refines prompts while respecting your creative direction, and a bit of a reality check for Tailwind CSS enthusiasts.

With that out of the way let's dive in and explore what else has been happening!

Casa di Solare: A Solar-Inspired Web Experience 🌅

This site offers a unique blend of typography and interactive design inspired by the sun. It is powered by WebGL and GSAP. Please note, accessibility and keyboard support may be limited.

EMO: Bringing Single Images to Life with Emotion 🎤

An impressive model that transforms any image with audio into realistic talking and singing videos. Currently, the repository only offers a readme, but it's worth keeping an eye on. Be sure to check out the videos for some remarkable demonstrations of what Emo can do.

OOTDiffusion: Virtual Try-Ons 👚

Use your image with any clothing item for a virtual try-on here. Some very cool uses cases come to mind. Check out the readme for more details.

Gan.ai: Personalized Video Platform 🤯

While Google's VLOGGER and Alibaba's EMO are demonstrations showcased in research papers, you can experience similar capabilities firsthand with Gan.ai.

Capo.js: A Web Performance Boost 🔥

A tool that will help optimise your 'head', aiming to enhance overall website performance.