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February was wild. We bid farewell to Bard and welcomed the arrival of Gemini and Gemma. Apple made a splash in the metaverse, spatial computing, and XR landscape with the launch of Apple Vision Pro—and yes, their website is just as impressive. OpenAI captivated everyone with the unveiling of their new text-to-video model, Sora, while Google achieved a milestone in long-context understanding and introduced 🧞Genie, a model designed to generate action-controllable virtual worlds. With that out of the way let's dive in and explore what else has been happening!

Introducing Hugging Chat Assistant! 🤗

Create your personal assistant on Hugging Face Chat with just two clicks! Echoing the capabilities of OpenAI GPTs, Hugging Face now offers the ability to customise your own version of Hugging Face Chat. For those looking to explore the wild west of custom GPTs, FlowGPT presents an opportunity to employ custom models with more flexible terms and conditions.

Deepfake Apple Vision Pro Concept Video 🤠

Watch this concept video showcasing face swapping through wearable devices, reminiscent of the Black Mirror series. A glimpse into the potential future of wearable tech.

Gemini 1.5: A Leap in Long-Context Understanding 💡

While OpenAI's Sora announcement captured headlines, Google made a significant leap with the release of Google Gemini 1.5. This update introduces breakthroughs in long-context understanding, allowing the processing of vast amounts of information—think 1 hour of video, 11 hours of audio, over 30,000 lines of code, or more than 700,000 words—without reliance on Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) or vector databases. Experience the technology in action.

Exploring Artist-Inspired Styles with Stable Diffusion 🎨

Discover a comprehensive cheat sheet for artist-inspired styles through Stable Diffusion's lens. Ideal for those aiming to emulate a specific artistic style but uncertain of the right prompts, this resource offers a solid foundation for your creative endeavours. It's an insightful starting point worth experimenting with across various image generators.

Fully Open-Source AI Glasses 👓

Brilliant Labs' Monocle AR glasses pairs with their arGPT iOS app. This combination offers a an AI assistant right in your field of vision, leveraging AI technologies from OpenAI and Perplexity (definitely worth exploring). While the website is a visual treat, it's important to note its accessibility features may fall short. Dive into a new dimension of interaction with these open-source AI glasses.